Extending Lan

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 Question by Usama Majeed posted 14 Feb 2006
 Extending Lan
My company wants to connect a computer to its Existing Lan. The distance is over 50 meters for this computer. Is there any possible way to extend the network without using extenders or any hardware. the distance is aprox 100 Meters.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 14 Feb 2006
Dear Usama,

I am confused, first you say the distance is over 50 meters, then you say it is approx 100 meters. If they don't want to pay for any hardware, I am not sure if you should be writing to us or the American Magicians Society.

Copper has a limit in the standards of a 90 Meter link and a 100 meter channel. To be safe I would install a fiber link and use media converters, but that would cost some money. You may want to try the copper, as you are at the fringe of the maximum distance and I have know some to work fine at about the 100-115 meter mark.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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