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 Question by Bill Mad posted 02 Feb 2006
 make use of coax for home network
Our house has coax cable running to every room in my house. Any way to make use of the existing coax to connect other rooms to the Internet? Would that require a cable company rounter in each room? Since an Internet connection comes over coax to my cable company (RCN) "modem" router, I thought it might be possible.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 02 Feb 2006
Dear Bill,

Yes in theory it would require a cable modem in every room but unless the signal is strong enough, and not filtered it may not work (splitters along the way also play havoc with the signal). Each drop (active device) on coax cabling consumes some power from the signal on the line, too many devices may render all devices inoperative.

What I might suggest with better success is a wireless router/hub (minimum 4 port) or since your have a modem/router adding just a wireless access point and then use wireless receivers at the other PCs. If the cable modem provided by the service provider only has a USB port and not an ethernet port(RJ type jack), this makes it a little more difficult but not impossible

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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