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 Question by Johann Lim posted 16 Nov 2000
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Hi, I'm actually a student, but I hope you won't turn me away. I'm currently researching material on Systems Analysis and Design, and I have to propose a networking system for an executive training centre. It's a one floor office, with about 70-80 staff that will be networked with workstations already provided for. They will run on Windows 2000 subsequently. The office space is 200x200 feet. The lease for the place is 5 years. There will be 4 servers, running on MS Back Office Server 4.5. What would you propose? Please help, as I really am out of my element here. thank you so much, appreciate it. In return, I will include the name of this site to help promote it. Ihope that it will help though.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 16 Nov 2000
Dear Johann,

I don't really see a reason why we should turn students away ;-)

With regard to your question:

Any proposal will be based on some information from your side. Usually, when you ask cabling installer for proposal, they want to know from you how many work areas will be (70-80 in your case), what is the size of the space (200x200 feet), what kind of application will run over the wiring, meaning what kind of cables to specify - CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 or fiber.

It is also important to know, where it's possible to place a main cross and central equipment. Some equipment may require certain types of crosses and cords.

Possible cabling pathways are also very important. The question is whether suspended ceiling exists, some cabling supporting structure already installed or should be installed by the cabling installer.

As you see, there are number of questions to be answered before quotation will go. However, something can be (very roughly) estimated by now:
You may require:

160 to 200 x RJ45 jacks with wallplates
5 x 19" 48-port modular patch panels
5 x 19" cord managers
300-400 x 7-ft RJ45 cords
1x19" open bay frame
40 x 1000ft boxes of cable
Of course, there will be more parts in this spec, but it needs more careful estimation.

I would propose CAT6 because 5 years lease is fairly long period, and you may require Gigabit Ethernet installation during that time.

Please let us know, where the site is, and we'll try to find you a good installer company.

With best regards,
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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