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 Question by Imran Ahmed posted 22 Dec 2005
 gigabit cabling
I want to deploy gigabit network for my company .I want to know that is there any difference between installation of cat5 and cat6 cabling.I have heard that cat 6 requires different connectors. Could you please suggest any whitepaper which tells the complete installation of cat6 cables including faceplates, I/O.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 22 Dec 2005
Dear Imran,

First you can deploy Gigabit Ethernet on category 5e cable (note 5e not 5) or category 6. In either case, all components must be equal or higher of the standards. This includes cable, jacks, patch panels or blocks, patch cords, etc., as well as the installation methods. It is not recommended that modular heads be field installed on cables. Cables should be terminated in jacks and then patched to the equipment.

From an installation standpoint the methods used to install category 6 are very similar to that used on category 5e.

The biggest difference is in the actual termination method and technique at the connectors. More attention must be paid to not strip back the outer jacket more then needed to perform the termination and also also to not cross over pairs at the point of termination. These methods will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Here is a link to the Siemon Company web site. On the lower right portion of the page you will find Installation instructions and also installation videos for all of their components.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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