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 Question by Justin Wallace posted 15 Nov 2000
 STP CAT 5 installation
Greetings from the GLOMAR JACK RYAN
I am a computer technician on board the drill ship Jack Ryan and we are currently in the Gulf of Mexico. I have a problem I would like to put forward to your networking expert.
I have a 3com 10/100 hub in one room and a client machine I would like to connect it to in another room about 75m away. I am using CAT5 STP wire. but when I attach RJ-45 clips to either end and plug one to the hub and the other to the nic..I get no connectivity, not even a linklight on thenic. In between the two rooms is a machine shop that contains various equipment, plus the route of the wire passes over various lights and power stations hence the reason for using STP CAT5. Please let me know what further steps in my troublshooting technique. If you could point me to reference on CAT5 STP cable configuration and installation I would be extremely grateful.
Thank you in advance
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 16 Nov 2000
Hi, Justin!

I do not expect that the problem is with noise from motors and machines.

Because you do not get the link light "on", it means that the problem is with the physical connections (maybe your RJ-45 crimp connections are not very good or wiring scheme is wrong). Please try the following:

1) Check that pinouts are correct. See this link: for reference

2) Try another cable

3) May be a port on the hub or the network card are not functioning properly.

4) See our FAQ section for additional information.

Best regards
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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