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 Question by Bob Anande posted 15 Dec 2005
 STP and UTP Cabling length
Hi, I 'd be grateful if you could help me out with this problem? We are configuring a wireless network using Motorola's Canopy and the distance is within the 100m range for STP cables. We are using a D link switch to terminate the cable from the Mast. The led indicator is is not holding steady, it keeps flashing even when ther is no activity in the link. Above all when you ping the switch it times out. Please advice cos this is the second day. We had to get UTP cables cos we thought the STP cables were faulty, we still got the same results.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 18 Dec 2005
Dear Bob,

It is a little hard for me to diagnose this from afar but based upon what you are saying here, I would check the connectors for proper pinning and that all pairs (not just individual conductors) are wired per the standards, I suspect you may have split pairs which is affecting the signals. see this url for the proper pin outs of either the T568A or T568B wiring of jacks/plugs. You can use either one but make sure all ends are the same.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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