Difference between AMP, WE/SS style rj connectors.

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 Question by Mike Everette posted 07 Nov 2005
 Difference between AMP, WE/SS style rj connectors.
What is the difference between AMP and Western Electric (WE)/ Stewart Stamping (SS)-type rj connectors? I am seeing different crimpers or dies for crimpers for these types of connectors. AMP rj45, rj22, rj12, rj11 and then they have ones for Western Electric (WE)/ Stewart Stamping (SS)-type for the same type. Is the only difference the manufacture? The only thing I could come up with was that AMP connectors work best with AMP crimpers. Is that the only difference? If so are the types of connectors from Belkin and/or other generic manufactures of the WE/SS type?

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 08 Nov 2005
Dear Mike,

The big difference here is how the crimp of the connector and cable strain-relief work requiring the tool to make contact at precise points to properly complete the crimp.

The connectors should be rated with their "category" to know their performance levels and there is also different models of the connectors to cover variations in the termination situations (flat, oval or round cable; stranded vs. solid conductors; and AWG size).

Make sure you choose a connector that fits your installation application and closely follow the manufacturer instructions for strip length, untwisting of pairs, etc. to achieve the desired performance level.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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