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 Question by Pabby S posted 29 Oct 2005
 Need help with network design

I need to know can we use 3550 switches to network two buildings 400 feet apart. The router is in one building. Please Help me how to get these two buildings connected. Will Fiber optic be a good choice. the link is 2 Megs coming from ISP. and Internet has to be shared between two buildings.
Please help as if we can use Cat6 then how to get the end to end connection? Do we need repeater in between, as two buildings are 400 feet apart and cat6 can span 328 feet.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 30 Oct 2005
Dear Pabby,
There are at least 9 varieties of the Cisco 3550 so giving you details with not knowing the exact model is very tough.

In general I would recommend using fiber for connecting too building and especially when they are beyond the copper link limit.

Make sure you select a fiber that is suitable for the installation method (buried, underground conduit or arial). Run at least 4 strands so you have a backup circuit. For this distance you should use 50/125 micron multi-mode fiber with SC heads, no need to go to single-mode

If your 3550 does not have fiber inputs you will need media adapters at both ends to handle the copper to fiber conversion.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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