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 Question by Pabby Singh posted 28 Oct 2005
 Need help urgently with school assignment

Request anyone to kindly help me with the physical design for the network mentioned below. I need help urgently.
You work in a comprehensive school with a 2Meg Internet Access to your Main Distribution Facility. Currently there is no LAN in the school. The school has two buildings, a two storey high main teaching block and a one storey technology block. The two buildings are 400 feet apart on a single site.

The Main Distribution Facility is in the NW corner on the ground floor of the main teaching block that is 300 feet by 400 feet. The main computer lab (with 25 computers) is on the first floor in the SE corner. Adjacent to the lab is an open access multimedia centre with 10 computers. Two further classrooms on the ground floor have 12 computers in each room. The school’s administrative offices are in the centre of the building on the ground floor and require 8 network connections. There is also a requirement to suitably locate network print and file servers.

The technology centre has a computer lab with 16 computers.

A couple of suitable routers and two suitable switches are already available and these should be used. In addition, the management of the school has agreed to allocate sufficient additional funds to set up the network, provided the cost can be justified.
Please i've to submit the assignment. Please help.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 28 Oct 2005
Dear Pabby,

It is the policy of this helpdesk NOT to do homework for student, sorry

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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