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 Question by esfandiar rahimi posted 26 Oct 2005
 How can I prepare myself to attending in RCDD certification exam?
Dear Mr. Joseph P. Golan,

How can I prepare myself to attending in RCDD certification exam without attending in instructed Classroom? And decrease failing risks? I have 5 years experiences in Networking. I have CCNP certify and I have managed 4 networking project from 2 years ago.

Best regards,
Esfandiar Rahimi
IT Manager

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 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 26 Oct 2005
Dear esfandiar,

I know of very few people that have succeeded without a formal class and I sincerely endorse that you reconsider your current plan. One of the best of these programs that may fit your needs is from CET Networking at They do offer their study material separately from their 3-day cram course as an option but their full program has one of the best success rates out there. Stay away from the other companies that offer CBT (Computer Based Training) as the scope that they cover in their "practice exams" is limited and will give you a false sense of passing.
Be prepared to spend about 6 months studying the TDMM before your exam. Don't be disappointed if you do not pass on the first go around, the average of passing is less then 30% at any given exam. Look seriously at CET and see if you can schedule yourself for their course and they typically give the exam immediately following their course.
BTW when I took their class they had a 90% pass ratio which is unheard of.

Good luck with your studies and exam.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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