cable/s to connect a bt versatility to lap top FREE cabling and networking Helpdesk
 Question by allan Charles posted 23 Oct 2005
 cable/s to connect a bt versatility to lap top
I would like help connecting my lap toshiba laptop to the RJ11port ona BT Versatility pabx please
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 23 Oct 2005
Dear allan ,

We are here in the US and unfamiliar with this PBX but most PBX/Hybrid have an option for connecting analog lines (fax, modem, answering maching, etc. I will assume that your laptop does have a built-in modem. If not you will need to secure either a PCMICA or USB type modem, whichever will work with your laptop. It will then require an RJ-11 cord from the laptop to the PBX port for dial-up type services.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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