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 Question by Michael Mikkelson posted 22 Oct 2005
 Shortest Cable Length?
I am working on a project to rewire a server rack. My question is what is the shortest length of cable (cat5e) that can be used between a switch and the patch panel. Basically, I need to know if the length of cable bwteen the switch and the panel count seperately for the recommended minimum of 3 meters, or is the entire length after the panel included? Can I use very short cables to help with organization and neatness, if the entire length bewteen switch and server are an appropriate length? Any advise would be great!

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 23 Oct 2005
Dear Michael,

In the standards, there is not a minimum length for patch cables or equipment cords (there is a maximum but no minimum). Some manufacturers recommend a minimum length cable.

This topic is highly debatable and my best suggestion is to go by the recommendations of the manufacturer of the equipment and cable plant.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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