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 Question by Leo Scheiner posted 19 Oct 2005
 RJ11 to RJ12

I have a panasonic KX-T7431 system. The handset plugs in (I believe) with RJ11. Is there any way I can check whether it is RJ11 or RJ12? If it is RJ11 I want to connect to a RJ12 cable which in turn goes through a box to my PC audio (for purposes of recording calls). Is there a converter for that?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 19 Oct 2005
Dear Leo,

The KX-T7431 is a digital telephone set and does not have any analog audio in it's RJ11 jack

An RJ-12 is similar to an RJ-11 but add a control connection point on pins 2 & 5 which are typically used to control line usage for interfacing.

I cannot locate an installation or user guide on-line for Panasonic Telephones and therefore cannot fully answer your question.

My best suggestion is to contact Panasonic directly for this information, use this link for email and telephone number information:

One last option is to use either an inductive coupler (suction cup type device on the ear portion of the handset or a handset coupler device similar to the ones found at this site:

or possibly this:

Contact them directly to insure that their units are compatible with your telephone.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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