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 Question by Catherine Rushton posted 18 Oct 2005
 Cable laptop RJ45 to ADSL RJ11?
I have a laptop with a wireless networking card in it that has an RJ45 port. If I buy an RJ45 to RJ11 cable, will I be able connect my laptop to my boradband service by just plugging it into the ADSL filter on my phone line? Normally I use the filter to connect my desktop ADSL modem, but I would unplug it while I need access to the net for my laptop. I don't have any need for networking.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 18 Oct 2005
Dear Catherine,

From the information you provided I understood that you are looking for ways to use a DSL-carrying phone line on your laptop. I would guess, you are talking about using a modem, right? If so, you also need to have a modem port on the laptop, not just the RJ45, which is for networking that you say you do not need in this case. Modem ports are pretty common on laptops these days. Else you can buy a PC Card with one. It will have an RJ11 jack that you can connect with a simply phone extension cord (as you would any phone) via a DSL filter to your phone line. I hope I did not miss anything in your setup. But the key is: you need to have a modem, not an RJ45-equippen network card, in order to use a phone line. Honestly, I can only think of using the fax functionality of that modem 'cause you have a great alternative to dial-up - broadband - already. Of course, you may still need a modem to connect to proprietary networks, but that goes well beyond the information that you have provided.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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