enquiry on fiber optics codes(for Mr.Joseph Golan)

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 Question by Alexander Kirilishina posted 17 Oct 2005
 enquiry on fiber optics codes(for Mr.Joseph Golan)
A message for Mr. Joseph Golan
Dear Mr.Golan.Thank you very much for your response.We were delighted to get a reply from such an experencied proffesional as yourself.
Our company,based in UK, are starting an import-export business based on trading with cable-manufacturers in Russia and former Soviet Union.We faced a problem of differences in codes and abreviations between UK,EU,ISO and Russian-speaking countries of former soviet Union.
Is there any way you could possibly help us with finding a reference book on ISO standards compared to state standarts of particular countries.If there's no such reference book,is there one explaining VDE names for coaxial cables and fiber optics.For example, in fiber optic cable with the foolowing specifications:
what do those letters stand for?
Best regards
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 17 Oct 2005
Dear Alexander,
I am based in the US and aware of ISO documents but use primarily the TIA/EIA Telecommunication Building Wiring Standards & the BICSI TDMM. I am not aware of a book geared to your particular needs and it may take several to acomplish your goal.

One such publication is the BICSI ITS Dictionary, 3rd Edition which is available at the following URL:


Another source of offical documents is Global Engineering Documents at this url

and also the ISO at:

Items like your examples are fiber optic patch cords and are identifing the connector style at the two ends. They do not go far enough as they do not identify the type of fiber; length, insulation, etc. These are more generic terms used by various manufacturers.

Look at this url for identification of some of these types:

and also this one:

Here is a trade magazine article also on the fiber connectors:

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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