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 Question by Randy Look posted 10 Oct 2005
 connecting two computers
I am trying to connect two computers, via an athernet switch (not a router) to the cable madem. Each computer connects to internet (provider: comcast high speed) by itself but when I cable from the cable moden to the switch and then to each computer, only my wife's computer connects. My computer was recently at work in a network environment. Maybe I need to change the settings on it.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 10 Oct 2005
Dear Randy,

I'm not a big networking guy but yes the network configuration is set to the network itself.

From what I understand each NIC (Network Interface device) can only work with one configuration. I solved the same problem for my wife by adding a second connection point so she can keep her work network intact (a wired connection) and have a separate network connection (wireless) for home. Otherwise she would have to recreate the configuration each time she powered up at the opposite location.

And I also inherited a decent laptop from my former employer so I set up mine by killing the original network connection and using the "New Network Wizard" to create a new one for "home" only.

Hope that gives you some help.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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