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 Question by albert paghiligan posted 03 Oct 2005
 structured cabling and networking
Sir Joseph Golan, thank u very much for answering my previous questions.Im very glad to recieve it, despite our distance, because im from the philippines and i think your dwelling somewhere at....? its nice to imagine we are having communication through the internet.i have my list of questions again hope you can answer those in more comprehensive way because to tell you straightly im not that good in english but im doing my best.I want to have an on job training at the call center here as a technical support..hope you can share me some advices where to focus my study because in the near future im dreaming of working as a technical support here.It will be a great help for me to level up my knowlegde and gain confidence.thank you so anticipating for answers to my questions because i know you will..hehehe.thanks alot and god bless u all.
what are the use of 25pair UTP cable?
what are bridges, gateway, routers?
what are ethernet network? a Virtual local area network? sir im having a hard time dealing with these because im just at the middle of my study hope u can acccomodate me.THANKYOU:-)

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 05 Oct 2005
Dear albert,

I am located in the USA and reside primarily in New York.

This help desk is pimarily for helping those with structured cabling issues. We have a policy of not doing research and or homework for students. Please understand that the information supplied here is provided by volunteers like myself who have spent many years in the telecommunications field but due to time restraints we can not provide all answers but will give you links on this and to other sites that may answer your questions.

25 pair cable (and larger are used in many areas. One use is to provide a feed for services to a particular communication room, cabinet or area. From there the cable is either cross-connected or patched to smaller cable to feed the services to the required systems or equipment.

For your other questions on bridges, routers, gateways, ethernet, virtual networks you will need to do an internet search on these topics. To go into a lengthy discussussion help is beyond the intent of this forum.
Try this url to start:

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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