Horizontally expanding into new office space

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 Question by Shelly Lofgren posted 28 Sep 2005
 Horizontally expanding into new office space
Our current building is connected to the State of Oregon through a T1 connection to their backbone. We have 12 workstations and one Novell file server connected to a 10/100 switch that connects to a cisco router and CSU/DSU. Our agency is expanding.
There is suite on the other end of our building that is attached. This part of the building was occupied by another occupant. They moved out and now our agency wants to move another office of 5 people into this space. The new part of the building is already wired with Cat 5 and it's terminated in the TC. There are 8 wall plugs currently. It doesn’t make sense to me to completely rewire, to connect this part of the building to my original switch. If I was to put a 10/100 switch on this new end of the building, how would I connect that to the other side? I wouldn’t want a lose cable hanging out of the ceiling, so my thought is that it should be terminated on both ends. Should that connecting cable be a crossover cable or a straight cable? Then what type of cable do I use to connect the switches to the terminated panel on each end?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 29 Sep 2005
Dear Shelly,
Yes, terminate it on both ends but my recommendation is to use a spare port on the patch panels rather then plugs. The actual cable should be terminate straight through and not a crossover. Then use category 5e patch cords to connect to the switches.

If your new 10/100 switch has and "up-link" button or option then you do not need any crossover patch cords. Typically it is associated with port 1.

If the new switch does not have an "up-link" button or option then you will need 1 crossover type patch cord (Typically I use a very odd color for it so you are aware it is not standard) to feed it. All other patch cords are straight through.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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