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 Question by Bob Sintzel posted 22 Sep 2005
 Clarification Please
I hear people talk about CATV cable. The "V" in catV is (i'm told) the roman numeral for 5. Why then do they refer to the same term for CAT5, which is 4-pairs of twisted wire? It's quite confusing to hear people refer to two different cable types while sounding like they are talking about the same thing :(

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 23 Sep 2005
Dear Bob,

CATV is not normally used to mean Cat5 but it is used to mean "community antenna television" or "community access television". A more common use is refered to cable TV. These type of cables are typically coaxial in construction.

I'm sorry to say I have never heard anyone call cat5 by CATV where the V is the roman numeral for 5. If they have then they are incorrect and I would be as confused as you are at what they are trying to convey.

BTW as a side note cat 5 is no longwer part of the standards being replaced by category 5e otr slangly refered to as cat 5e (always a small e).

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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