outer dimension of cat6 augmented cable

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 Question by Paul Mallia posted 13 Sep 2005
 outer dimension of cat6 augmented cable
I need to know what the outer dimension of a cat6 augmented cable
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 13 Sep 2005
Dear Paul ,

CAT6 augmented is not really a reliable identification for a cable these days as the term has been applied to rather wide variety of different cable designs. You can only go by a manufacturer's catalog and look at data for the particular type of cable you'd be using. I have Commscope's catalog handy, so I'll give you some references from there:

Media 6 (regular CAT6 cable) - 5.6mm (.220")
UltraMedia (a higer grade CAT6) - 5.6mm (.220")
UltraPipe (the highest grade CAT6) - 6.3mm(.25")

These were figures for plenum-type cables. Note that PVC tends to be few tenth of a millimeter thicker, and outside plant version (when available) is even thicker than that.

Again, the trick is: what do you call "augmented": is UltraMedia already augmented? Is UltraPipe more augmented yet? We are now in marketing, not standards realm.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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