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 Question by Gordon Pullen posted 12 Sep 2005
 Cat6 terminations
Thanks go to Joseph Golan for clearing up my subject of terminations. However when I mentioned they were homeruns, I meant that they were not going to a face plate, they will plug directly into the workstation and the are not going to a patch panel, they will plug into the switch port. Also I have a fluke dsp 4000 will this qualify as a good cat6 performance tester? Thanks for your input.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 13 Sep 2005
Dear Gordon,

First, I tried to answer your question yesterday but there was a problem with the server at our end, I understand that it is now back up and operational,

Yes the DSP-4000 is a fine piece of test equipment
for category 6 performance testing. Make sure you have the latest software installed in the scanner.

But I do not recommend installing male plugs onto category 6 cable. Plugs that are rated category 6 are not readily available on the market and very difficult to install as they are of different construction then other plugs. Also the installation of plugs on solid conductor cabling has been known to be a source of a potential troubles and can be a maintenance nightmare, I do strongly recommend that the cables be terminated on jacks at the workstation end and on a patch panel at the closet end.
Joseph Golan, RCDD

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