110 punchdown block wiring

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 Question by Robert Byrd posted 09 Sep 2005
 110 punchdown block wiring
How do i connect a 2 pait cat3 wire to the trunk line using a 110 punchdown block?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 11 Sep 2005
Dear Robert,

There are two methods, the first one below is my best advice.

This method is for separate connections of the two cables and then cross connection the two together:
110 blocks come with connection clips in 3, 4 & 5 sizes. If your 2 pair cable is color coded Green, Red, Black & Yellow then this is not really twisted pair cable and it's use should be limited for analog voice (Telephone, Fax, Answering machine, etc). To terminate it substitute the colors as follows

Wh/Bl = Green
Bl/Wh = Red
Wh/Or = Black
Or/Wh = Yellow

Use a 4 pair clip for each 2 pair (this will allow room for expansion should a 4-pair cable be run in the future).
Run the cable from behind the block to the row that will handle the termination.
Remove only the needed amount of the jacket to perform the termination.
Separate the pairs and lay them into the base portion of the block. Seat them and cut off the excess using a 110 termination tool. Seat on top of the conductors a 4 pair connecting clip.
Run a cross connection from the truck pair(s) to the needed pairs of the 2 pair cable cutting down the cross connect on the top of the connecting clip with a 110 termination tool.

Method 2

Using a 110 termination tool cut down the 2 pair cable directly on the top of the connecting clip.

Yes method 2 is quick and dirty but leaves no way for changes or trouble shooting except by disconnecting and reconnecting the 2 pair cable, shortening it each time....Not good

For information and details on general terminations on a 110 block please see this URL:

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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