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 Question by Gordon Pullen posted 09 Sep 2005
 Cat6 terminations
WE have had some cabling pulled by contractors. They have pulled cat6 cabling, all homeruns with no terminations. Can you make some suggestions? I under stand the terminations are expensive and or should be terminated by machine.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 11 Sep 2005
Dear Gordon,

Machine?? Not really sure who is advising you but it sounds like you need a good communications contractor to help you finish the work.

Most category 6 terminations are punched down (with a hand tool) onto 8 pin modular jacks (Cat 6 rated) mounted in a faceplate at the work station and to a mounted category 6 patch panels or a suitable cat 6 block at the closet. After cables have been fully terminated they should be tested with a level III scanner (such as a Fluke DTX) for proper continuety and category 6 performance.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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