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 Question by Paul stanton posted 05 Sep 2005
 design for new dev
I have been told that on a new dev people have run drop cables instead of internal DP's into flats because of the distance , why is that and what is drop cables ?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 06 Sep 2005
Dear Paul ,

I see you are in the UK and even though this forum is in the US, I'll try and give you and explaination to what I think you are asking. I am going to assume that by DP you mean Distribution Point.

Generally distance comes into play for structured caqbling because any cable can then be used for any service. Certain services cannot work beyond a Link length of 90 meters (295'). Also distribution points are also technicalley a splice which is also against the standards and will add to the attenuation and contribute to the degrading of the cable performance.

A drop cable is generally the cable from an outlet to a telecommunications closet or room.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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