568A/B issues

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 Question by Lee Hoyt posted 21 Sep 2000
 568A/B issues
What are the issues that arise from having a mixed environment of 568A & B cabling. At a time of transition which would be better to enact as a standard. Currently have 23 floors prewired in 1993 as 568A and migrating to ethernet. Should we go through the expense of changing. Expect to deliver 10Mbps to the desktop
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 22 Sep 2000
Hi, Lee!

In fact, it is not a problem having a mixed environment with 568A and 568B pinouts if you do not mix different pinouts in one cabling channel. The only possible difficulty is additional administration burden for you.

At this time, the current cabling standard TIA/EIA-568A supports 568A pinout as standard and 568B as optional.

As a conclusion, I would recommend migrating to one pinout scheme (568A or 568B) based on your current situation. If you have more channels with 568A, then migrate to 568A. If you have more channels with 568B, then migrate to 568B.

Best regards
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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