outdoor cat 5e

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 Question by Nandor Garamszegi posted 09 Aug 2005
 outdoor cat 5e
Dear Joseph
Thank you for the quick answer and help. You were correrct the product I bought at Home Depo is equivalent with
Product SKU: 2137113E
Product Description: Category 5e, Unshielded Twisted Pairs (UTP), Type: CMX OUTDOOR-CMR, Pairs: 4, Gauge Size (AWG): 24, Jacket Color: Ivory, Packaging: 600' Pull-PacŪ Carton (PP)

I did terminated the ends in Leviton GigaMax 5e Snap in conector (pack of 10, 5G108-R*5, and 5G108*B5 Home Depot) at both end following exact T568B standard as described in the flyer coming with the package (table 1). In pairs as follow:

1 White/Orange
2 Orange or Orange/White

3 White/Green
4 Blue or Blue/White

5 White/Blue
6 Green or Green/White

7 White/Brown
8 Brown or Brown/white

The cable color coding does not have the "or" colors in 2,4,6,8.
I made sure, that the long cable pattern (~140 feet, calculated based on the numbering every 2 feet on the cable itself) looks exactly same as the sort (5 feet) model cable. I used the attached tool to push the ends into the connector.

Still, the short cable works perfectly, and the long fails to provide connection even when it just lays on the floor in its whole lenght in the same room. According to my readings and your information the distance should not be the reason.

Do I use wrong connectors, wrong cable, or methods to put it together? What would you recommend in regards of cable, connectors, or methods? Could it be that the cable quality is not as good as it stated? I use Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router.

Thank you for your attention time and help.

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 10 Aug 2005
Dear Nandor,

No your cable and connector selection is fine. I still think you have split pairs (maybe the whites are not properly paired with their respective ring colors for example the white of the white orange pair must be the one that is twisted with the orange and the white of the white/green pair must be the one that is twisted with the green, swapping them is a split pair and it WILL work on very short cables (like your 5 footer) but will most definetlty not work on longer runs. The twisted pairs integraty must be maintained for this to work properly. See if you can get your hands on a cable scanner, even an older one like a PentaScanner, to test the cable, this will show what pairs are split or what other problem may be in the cable.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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