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 Question by Andy Miral posted 09 Aug 2005
We currently have an installer using a Leviton thread lock connector (49884-MSC) on 250 micron fibers.
When they have finished polishing connector, you can still feel the tip fiber (very slightly). Is this normal?
According to the installer, this is normal.
It does pass the fiber test using the fluke 4300 tester.
The problem is that we are experiencing intermittent with these connections. It would work for about a month then we would loose connection completly. What we are also finding is that majority of fiber connection is breaking inside.

2nd problem is that they are not using buffer fan out kits with these installs. What are some of the common problem that can happen without the use of these kits?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 10 Aug 2005
Dear Andy ,

Although I have never used these connectors I have seen them demo'd. When I first saw them I thought what a great connector for emergency repairs. However I have my reservations for using them as a permanent connector at that time.

Below is a link to the url for the installation guide:

Without a fanout kit to protect the fiber strands I could understand the breakage you are experiencing. As you will see in the installation instruction, a 900um fan-out kit is recommended.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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