outdoor cat 5e

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 Question by Nandor Garamszegi posted 08 Aug 2005
 outdoor cat 5e
Dear Joseph,
Thank you for the great suggestion on how to get the greatest horizontal run outdoor. Double checked the lenght I need and it is less than 142 feet. This should be very well within the operating distance of the cable (generalcable # 2137116H in the recent catalog listed as 2137116E)the cable still fail to give the proper connection. I wired the T568B standard, the 5 feet piece works with A or B equally well with my new Linksys router and with my computer.
The longer cable (142 feet piece) from otherhand does not work at all, even when the cable inside spooled in the same room with the router (there is no cornering or other problems, and the connection pattern is correct). Even experienced with an other cable in similar lenght (from the same box) never streched out or being outside, to avoid accidental breaks.

Any suggestion how can I get the signal to ~140 feet (most of this outdoor) and what kind of cable should I by? Am I using the wrong kind?

Thanks for your attention time and help.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 08 Aug 2005
Dear Nandor,

I tried looking up the part numbers you listed but did not find them in the on-line ecatalog for General Cable. I then tried looking up an outdoor rated cable for category 5e and my search brought back several results from this manufacturer including part #'s 2137113E, 2137114E, 763108, 763208 & 763308 for outdoor rated category 5e. Sometime manufacturers create different part numbers for Non-USA sales or sales by particular distributors which are not in the general catalog.

In any case if the cable is truly a category 5e cable it should work at this distance with no problem. The use of T568A or B wiring standard does not matter as long as the same one is used at both ends. You do not say what you used to terminate it but I do suspect a split pair or other termination issue rather then the cable. on your 5' sample it would most likely work even if you had split pairs. If you are terminating directly into an 8 pin modular plug, this also may be part of the problem as it MUST be of the proper type to handle solid conductor wire, most of the plugs are meant for stranded conductors. I highly recommend using industry standard jacks/patch panels for terminations and then use a modular cord (factory made) for connection to the equipment.

If you are familiar with some of the more sophisticated test equipment for category cable, please use it to test to the Category 5e parameters, a continuity tester will not show you split pairs which I suspect is you problem
Joseph Golan, RCDD

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