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 Question by Patrick Mulligan posted 06 Aug 2005
 CAT5e wiring tips.
I have 2 new wiring projects at my job.

I will be running wire for 802.11G WAPs and wired IP cameras in an office setting (drop in ceiling) and a manufacturing area (bare steel structure).

Both projects will be utilizing PoE devices and I figured I would support the runs with J-hooks.

I would be interested in getting any words of advice for these projects.

My current uncertaing concerns the use of 110 blocks in the main wire center.

Am I to get one of these, punch all the new runs into it, and then run wire from it to a patch panel? Are there patch panels that do the work of both?

Excuse the ignorance; this is my first time doing the cable terminations in the main wiring closet.

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 07 Aug 2005
Dear Patrick,

Depends on the existing structure of the cable and the device requirements. If the units require connections from two differnet sources (i.e. camera video feed as well as remote power) then yes the easiest way is to terminate the station cable on 110. This will allow flexability and define a structure at the same time. If you are running category 5e for these devices, the standard 110 block should be fine. If you are running category 6, I would look into some of the newer improvement types like te Siemon 210 blocks

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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