25 pair Cat5 punch down Color Code

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 Question by Jim Forrest posted 18 Sep 2000
 25 pair Cat5 punch down Color Code
So far I have seen only a punch down that counts for tip and ring. From what I have seen so far the 5 white, then red and so on. Mu question is what would be the punch down seq. for 568b? thanks in advance.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 19 Sep 2000
Dear Jim,

When you terminate 25-pair cable onto a modular (RJ-45) patch panel, you just assume that the first 4 pairs stand for port #1 and numbered as usual.

Then pairs 5-8 are going to port #2 and pair 5 becomes pair 1 (pins 4-5) and so on.
Then pairs 9-12 are going to port #3 and 9th becomes #1.

The whole thing should be repeated 6 times.

After you've done with all the first 24 pairs, and you've tested everything, cut 25th (violet-slate) pair off.

To make the job easier, I can adivise you to print out both schemes on a color printer and have them both in front of your eyes when you do terminations.

Have a good luck with your installation!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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