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 Question by Robin Hicks posted 30 Jul 2005
 New Townhome
Hi, we have a newly built townhome that we requested to have two 3 port jacks and four 2 port jacks. They wired the 3 ports correctly w/ one RJ11 and two RJ45's each with it's own cabling, Cat5. The other 4 locations only have one Cat5. The builder, design center and electrician have all agreed they messed up and are willing to correct the situation. One of the options would require running another 'drop' to those 4 sites which would mean tearing up the drywall etc. I am not too fond of this idea. What other options would you suggest?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 01 Aug 2005
Dear Robin ,

I would need to know how you intended to use the 4-port locations (multiple PCs???).

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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