110 Punchdown - Second Phone Line

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 Question by Debbie Straub posted 05 Jul 2005
 110 Punchdown - Second Phone Line
I had a previous post out under cable-design with my question about 110 punchdown and I did receive a response. However, I am still in the dark with which ports to connect on the 110 punchdown.

We just recently moved our office from the den into one of our bedrooms. The moved required us to move the 2nd line phone from one port to another. We have a home network that has a punch down panel with 11 ports. I had no issues converting the Cox cables but I was stupid and failed to take a picture or write down the original cable mappings before disconnecting the 2nd line telephone. Here are the details:

568A cabling (residential)
Punch down panel - 110 (11 ports)
2nd line (not sure about wire mappings for 2nd line) Ė I read somewhere that you use orange on 3 and orange/white on 6 (tried this but it did not work).
Original 2nd line connection needs to be converted so itís on our home (primary) first line

For an 8 port connector, is port 4/5 the telephone? The original configuration had 4 wires connected which I believe supported both a second and third line (fax).

The phone in the office is working but on our regular line. The original location for the 2nd line is not working while I have completed the punch down just like the other standard telephone connections: (Pair 1:[Blue/White, Blue] Pair 2:[Orange/White, Orange] Pair 3:[Green/White, Green] Pair 4:[Brn/White, Brown] Ė left/right). The den wall jack is connected to R/G Ė Red is Blue and Green is Blue/White wire.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I do have a punch down tool with blade (awesome) that works great but I donít know the cable mapping ports for the 2nd line and I also donít know if the existing wall jack will need to be changed to support the line change.

Obviously I am newbie and Iíll completely understand if you donít want to get involved. Thank you for your time and have a great day.


 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 09 Jul 2005
Dear Debbie,

You need to locate where your 2nd line is coming in from the NID (Network Interface Device) or other demark provided by COX.

You mention that your have 8 Pin jacks and they are terminated in the T568A wiring scheme but only have two pairs terminated. For this yes the 1st line is on pins 4 & 5 with the white/blue pair and the second line will be on 6 & 3 with the White/Orange pair. If you follow the marking on the jack for T568A you will be fine. NOTE if the jacks are only marked with T568B colors then terminate the white/orange pair on the white/green markings of the jack. Any device that needs the two lines must have a 4 or 6 conductor mounting cord. A 2 conductor cord will only deliver the 1st line!!!

If you want the 2nd line to serve a one line telephone or FAX machine then it must be connected to the Blue/White pair of its jack.

If you want, send me an email with digital pictures of what you have and a telephone number to call you to: jpgolan-rcdd@earthlink.net

I know it is very difficult to verbalize the problem you are having. I am adding you to my un-blocked list so your email will go through

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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