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 Question by Debbie Straub posted 04 Jul 2005
 Second Line 110 Punchdown

I am attempting to move Cat5 cabling for 110 punch down so the cable settings are correct for the second phone line. The NID second line is active from the phone company. I just need to understand where to put orange/white-orange cables. The cable is 568A and I have seen references to connect orange on port 3 and orange white on port 6. Do the other ports still get punched down? Do I only use 2 pair? Are any changes required to the phone jack?

Thank you.

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 05 Jul 2005
Dear Debbie,

This all depend what you really have. If your jack is wired to T568A then no you do not have to change anything else If you want a single jack to have both lines then put the first line on the White/Blue pair and the 2nd line on the White/Orange pair.
If the second line is to appear as that line only then connect the White/Blue pair to the 2nd Line.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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