50 pair phone cabling

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 Question by tom fincher posted 29 Jun 2005
 50 pair phone cabling
We are thinking about running a 50 pair phone cable from our main comm rm. to a remote hangar instead of installing another mini-remote. What is the max distance you can run the 50 pair from a Nortel PBX Option 11 c. Analog and digital sets will be used. thanks
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 03 Jul 2005
Dear tom,

My knowledge of the NTPs is a little rusty and I do not have a copy handy but recall it to be either 2200 or 2500 feet at 24AWG. If you have a copy of the NTPs at the site I would consult them. Also if you install this cable with exposure to lightning, install protector circuits in accordance with manufacturers installation procedure

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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