RG6 Termination

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 Question by Giao Phan posted 27 Jun 2005
 RG6 Termination
My new house has RG6 cables from a central distribution panel with 7 outlets. Two of the 7 outlets did not have connector at the end of the coaxial cable (probably because they were ran to the game room and family room along with other A/V cablings). Anyway, I bought RG6 F connectors, coaxial stripper and crimp tools from Lowe's and terminated the connectors so I can get the TV signal from a common anntena for all the rooms. Well the 2 connectors that I terminated did not work while those connectors terminated by the builder worked just fine. I thought I followed instruction on the tools: 1/4" of bare copper, 1/4" of foil, fold back the braided wire, slide on the connector, and crimp.

I did noticed that if only the bare copper touch the UHF/VHF connector then I got the anntena signal. But once I screw in the connector (connecting the shield) then I lost the anntena signal. Does it mean I have a short between the bare copper and the shield in the coaxial cable? But I have the same problem at two different locations. And the TV work fine in other rooms where the termination was done by the builder.

I have quadshield RG6 3 Ghz cables pink color coaxial cable (4 of these) and quadshield RG6 2.2 Ghz white color cable (3 of these).

Thanks for the help.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 03 Jul 2005
Dear Giao,
It certainly sounds like there is a short on the circuit, maybe the contractor crushed the cable when hammering in a wire staple. It should be easy to check with a multimeter or even a continuity checker (battery/lamp is a simple one).

Also check that the other end connector was properly installed and not causing the short.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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