DSL/VOICE on same pair

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 Question by Matt H posted 11 Jun 2005
 DSL/VOICE on same pair
I just bought my house and when I first arrived, there were three lines avialable in the NID. Two voice and one DSL. I only needed/wanted/ordered DSL, so I rewired all three of the CAT5E blue and white/blue pairs to the DSL line. Which gave every outlet in the walls access to the DSL.

Well, come to find out for the satellite I need a voice line ( another 29/MO down the drain ) So, the tech comes out ( two weeks later when I'm not home ) and sets up the voice line, on the same pair the DSL was. Now I have voice and DSL on the same pair, which meens degrated performance and I can't get incoming phone calls. Outgoing work just fine, but no incoming.

So I go back in the NID, wire my own seperated CAT5E cable into the location where I want it and change all the wall jacks to one of the linesthe voice used to be on and the one I wired seperately to the DSL. But it doesn't work. Voice and DSL are on only one line. I open up the operator side of NID and whoa, that's confusing.

How can I split the lines so I can have seperate voice and DSL?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 24 Jun 2005
Dear Matt,

Is is normal for your service provider to put the DSL on the dialtone pair. You must install filters on the analog equipment (Telephones, answering machines, modems, fax, etc. (They sometimes come with your DSL Router/Modem) or you can but them at Radio Shack or other locations. DO NOT INSTALL a filter on the line that feeds the DSL Router.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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