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 Question by Paula Saameno posted 09 Jun 2005
 Gigabit Ethernet
Iīm working in a FPGA design wich requires Gigabit Ethernet Interface. The idea is having the minimum number of output lines to the PHY device, since we donīt have too many free pins. Iīve thought about Cisco SGMII interface, but I donīt find the specifications. What do you know about it?, do you know where can I find the standard specification?
Thanks in advance!
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 09 Jun 2005
Dear Paula,

You should really contact the manufacturer of the PHY interface device you've picked. Most companies in the semiconductor industry have websites with (incredibly extensive) documentation libraries, and most of them make free samples and application notes available to the industry professionals.

On a side note: why did you have to pick a chip by a vendor that also makes their own networking products? My guess would be that the device may not even be available for OEM, and even if it is, you might find less info and samples available to an outside party (read: potential competitor). I think you should really try semicondictor companies like Maxim or National Semicoductor, Ethernet section or others that specialize in producing IC chips for OTHER people. Just my 2c.
Good luck!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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