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 Question by majdi jazmawi posted 27 Mar 2005
 coxial and s-video
I have reciver and i want to connect the second TV in another floor , now i connect the new TV by coxial cable by UHF output but the picture and sound is something bad, I bring 2 s-video connecter without it wires and i want to connect it with the coxial cable but i dont know which is the ground and which is volt in s-video and coxial
help me please
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 28 Mar 2005
Dear majdi,

I have to wonder what type of coax cable you were using and if the connectors were installed properly, as this could lead to a bad picture and sound. The proper type would be a quad shield RG-6.

From what I can decipher on your second part of the question, you are looking to now use the coax with S-Video connectors in an attempt to clear up the signal. There are a number of problems in trying to do this:
1. S-Video needs two sets of conductors as the video signal is split into two parts.
2. The audio portion would have to be sent separately
3. I don't believe that S-Video cable is coaxial but rather a shie;ded cable.
4. S-Video, without amplification may be limited to 50' maximum
Look at this site for the connector information

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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