Splitting Cable signals

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 Question by lance kull posted 12 Feb 2005
 Splitting Cable signals
I installed cable internet service and connected te cable from the outside (which is on a splitter - one in, two out). One of the outbound coax cables connects to a 4 way, three of which are connected, one to a TV, and the other to my cable modem. I want to split that signal and plug in a TV as well. I Have tried a couple of 2-way splitters. One is rated at 5-900Mhz and the second is rated 1 Ghz. In both cases, when I plug the cable modem into one of the out ports, I lose the cable Internet service. Reconnecting without the splitter, recovers the internet and it works just fine.... Any ideas?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 13 Feb 2005
Dear lance ,

Your broadband cable service should be as direct as possible from the service provider. Adding additional splitters will add additional loss to the signal.

If you need a TV connection in that room as well you are better off installa\ing a larger splitter where the 4-to1 is now. Make sure it is of the high quality veriety and covers the proper frequency range as the 4 port is now.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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