tap, splitter and connections

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 Question by Antonio Gomes posted 27 Jan 2005
 tap, splitter and connections

I want to distribute the signal of my CATV among some rooms in my home. What is the best component to be used (less attenuation, I believe): splitters, taps (directional couplers) or simply T connections?


Antonio Gomes
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 28 Jan 2005
Dear Antonio,
From the point of simplicity, I would use a multipoint tap (8 ports out is typically the most you will find) with all cables home run to a central point and if the signal seems to degrade, then it is easy to add a power booster to the input of the splitter.

Use the highest quality components you can find to insure the least amount of loss and make sure that the components cover the full bandwidth of your provider include future frequencies.

Last do not go cheap on the cable. Most CATV services require a quad-shielded RG-6 cable and never user RG-59. Use a quality connector and purchase a good crimp tool to insure proper terminations.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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