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 Question by Steve Mayman posted 08 Jan 2005
 Telephone Wiring Basics

We will be wiring a small office with six 3-line phones. The phones themselves have RJ-11 connections. 1 for lines 1&2 and another for line 3. Line 3 is a fax line but we use it for outgoing calls if the other lines are busy.

Last time we wired the office by "daisy chaining" one telephone jack to the next using one chain of jacks for the first two lines and another for the third. Is this the recommended method? If so, hould we twist bare wire pairs onto the terminal screws or crimp "Y" connectors onto all the 24 ga wires? If not, what procedure is recommended?
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 14 Jan 2005
Dear Steve,

The recommended method is NOT to "daisy chain"! You should have installed one cable per every jack and brought them into a central location, where they would have been terminated onto a wiring block, such as 66-type or 110-type, which you can easily use to create all kinds of bridging ("Y") configurations that you might need.

I recommend to use star topology in this new project of yours for both data AND voice.

On a side note: for an office with 6 phones and 3 lines you may consider using a phone system. It can be very simple, and will still give you more efficiency in using your three lines along with some useful features not available on 3-line phone (privacy would be one example). A phone system absolutely requires to use star topology for phones, so you better pull your cables this way now. You will thank yourself in the future when you'll decide to get a phone system.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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