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 Question by Paul Russo posted 06 Nov 2004
 running wiring to shed
I live in new jersey .I would like to know if I could use stranded wire vs solid wire. I am running the wire in outdoor gray tubing I have buried my pipe the required 18 inches
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 08 Nov 2004
Dear Paul,

Yes you can but stranded cable typically has about 20% more attenuation then solid conductor cabling. From what you describe this will be an outdoor run and no matter how well the conduit was installed and coupled, it will still be a wet location which will ruin the cable in a very short time and affect it's performance.

For that situation, I would reccommend a cable designed for outdoor use that included a water blocking system within the cable. Installing it in a PVC conduit system will give physical protection for the cable.

General Cable has a product for category 5e which is part number 2137113E or 2137114E. There are also other manufacturers that have similar products.

Be sure to follow national and local codes when installing cable.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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